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ATR Group Quality Management System

CFRP – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers and GFRP Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers Experties

Tradition and innovation are key to the ATR Group’s success. We combine craftsmanship, from which the company continues to draw inspiration, with the opportunities provided by the technological process in terms of both materials and production methods.

The continuous research and innovation on the advanced composite materials for aerospace and aeronautic applications allow to ATR Group to be the best partner.

ATR Group Quality Management System

Absolute quality: Our obsession with quality permeates through the product realization process relying on a robust and efficient quality management system that complies with the ISO EN 9100:2009, and high professionalism and competence of both technical and operative personnel, and its continuing commitment to the design, construction and the use of technologically advanced equipment.

Research and development

From 2002 ATR Group has formed an internal laboratory that deals with:

  • Development of new technologies,
  • Testing,
  • Material Qualification,
  • Research and Application of new materials.

The R&D laboratory was originated from the strategic conviction that the real competitive advantage for a company that operates in a dynamic and fast growing as the one of the composite materials, is to be technically ahead of its proper competitors.

The research of the R&D laboratory is applied to the production and consists on two levels:

  1. Process development (new productive technologies)
  2. Product development (new materials) both having a common origin the innovation in the respect of quality assurance.

The ATR Group’s R&D laboratory quality management system offers also crucial support needed to carry out controls for incoming raw materials, and controlling the process and quality of final products.