Aerospace innovation

ATR Group develops unique intellectual property and technologies to improve our customers’ products.

Our R&D department is constantly involved in new technologies and materials research. Equipment present today in the lab make ATR GROUP autonomous in the implementation and testing of new productive technologies.

Innovation enables ATR R&D to accept and overcome competitive challenges. The will to adopt new ideas early, guide our research. The method we adopt is engaging, stimulating and feeds our creativity.

We believe in technology development: we work together on product innovation and the process of designing a structured, multidisciplinary approach.

In R&D innovation is achieved through the integration of multiple technologies: automation of the process, they are manageable, allowing operators to act safely and makes each piece of our products’ latest discovery.

We will continue to look to the future with responsiveness, to play the role of leader in the field of composite materials. Propose innovative solutions to applied research, we will send you our passion… but still retain the uniqueness of “craft“.