ATR Group Aerospace division is specialized in the production of CFRP – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers – primary and secondary parts for aerospace market.

We can produce e.g. Access Doors, Main and Nose Landing Gear Doors, Flaps, Ailerons, Emergency doors, Tail Rudder, Tail Plane, Fuselage Interiors (Seats, Ceiling Panel, Decorative Panel). The charts below highlight the parts on which ATR Group can support our partner.

The following illustrations highlight (with blue color) the parts that ATR Group realizes:

  • Access Doors , Emergency Doors

  • MLG Doors, NLG Doors

  • Flaps, Ailerons

  • Tail Rudder, Tail plane

  • Seats, Ceiling Panel, Decorative Panel

  • Side Panel - Door Passenger Panel Assy - Footstep Passengers Assy

  • Liner, Fairings, Floor, Panel, Air Intake

  • Reflector Backup Structure (BUS)

  • PRISMA SOLAR panel substrates

  • Galileo Avionica Uav Falco

  • Spyball

  • Asio