ATR Group

ATR Group

Tradition and innovation are key to the ATR Group’s success. We combine craftsmanship, from which the company continues to draw inspiration, with the opportunities provided by the technological process in terms of both materials and production methods.
ATR Group

Since its beginning, the ATR Group has stood out among local businesses thanks to the specialized nature of its production, the prestige of its national and international clientele, and by offering unique know-how in the field of the composites. Doubt is the basis upon which certainties are built: a good idea has the right to be analyzed, evaluated and worked on to become a solution.



The ATR Group deals with design, prototyping and manufacturing of structural parts and components in advanced composite Carbon and Glass Fiber materials.

The Group operates in the areas of supercars, Motorsport, motorcycling, cycling, aeronautics, aerospace, marine, furniture and special parts.

The ATR Group has developed technologies, skills and professionalism unique in the processing of the composite materials through the use of traditional production methods and the development of innovative processes.

The Group’s mission is to make available the use of the composite materials in new applications favoring the current trend of many products.


The cutting edge equipment and technology through innovative production processes aim at the absolute quality.

The ATR Group has:

  • 9 plants,
  • 50.000 square meters covered approx,
  • 6 cleanrooms (5500mq),
  • 23 Autoclaves,
  • 6 Cutting Machines (GFM 3 & 6 axes),
  • 9 CNC Machining and Finishing,
  • 3 Dimensional Control Machines,
  • 1 Rapid Prototyping Machine,
  • 1 Filament Winding Machine,
  • 1 RTM Injection Machine,
  • 38 Presses,
  • Laboratory Equipments.

The ATR Group’s production is organized on the most modern principles of quality and efficiency. That is achieved by the ongoing commitment of the technical and proactive personnel, the use of technologically advanced equipment, not to mention the efficient and reliable quality control system and considerable investments in the field of research and development.

Productive Capacity

ATR Group can study together with the customer the solutions for the design of Carbon and Glass Fiber customized products.

ATR Group laboratorio autoclavi

The Group can offer a productive capacity that satisfies the most varied demands.

The ATR Group‘s unique characteristic is being able to manage orders from up to a limited number to a productivity of industrial type maintaining high quality standards.

The ATR Group has engineered and finalized the technology of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, applying procedures used in the automotive sector and more specifically in Aeronautics. The synergy between Automotive and Aerospace orders makes it possible to start from designing the three-dimensional component to designing and realizing equipment with numerical control machining with high quality standards.

During production, it’s always the technology developed by the group to create a mix of strength, lightness and safety that enhances the potential of the Carbon Fiber product.

ATR Group Quality Management System

Absolute quality: Our obsession with quality permeates through the product realization process relying on a robust and efficient quality management system that complies with the ISO EN 9100:2009, and high professionalism and compe-tence of both technical and operative personnel, and its continuing commit-ment to the design, construction and the use of technologically advanced equipment.

Control Activities

Considering the specific nature of the products produced by the ATR Group, tightly related to the materials used and to the technological process followed for their production. The quality verification is not uniquely entrusted to controls in process and final resolution, carried out by the quality function, or the last steps of the planned cycle. For this reason, before starting the production during the design activity, development and prototyping, the responsible technical functions ensure that the quality requirements and their repeatability reside within the same production steps.

Continuous Improvement and Monitoring

All business processes, both primary and secondary, are defined by the appropriate documentation such as management procedures, operative in-structions, work instructions and control plans, etc.
The different production phases, including quality control, are recorded in the management information system by reading the bar-code that identifies every single product and used mold, making it possible to control the production process in real time and providing a complete traceability of the steps crossing this process, from the entrance of the materials to the final resolution of the finished product.

Customer Satisfaction

The operating philosophy of the ATR Group, in considering the market demands, places the customer at the beginning and the end of each process. Therefore, the level of the customer satisfaction is subject to precise meas-urement and evaluation through the Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Continuous improvement activities are also started to raise the threshold of approval in relation to this target.
The Group is adequately structured from both a management point of view and the organization one, for its achievement.