Total Integrated Services

ATR Group can boost a significant level of completeness and vertical integration in the servicesof-fered to its customers. One of its main peculiarities is managing all project phases; from design to final product delivery.



ATR Group, thanks to its internal technical office, is able to develop new products in composite ma-terials and support its customers during the phase of design and optimization of the application of productive technologies and most innovative and appropriate materials.


The Group can cope either with analysis and feasibility studies of composite products or the design / constructive management of the prototypes with interventions on projects already existing or those still to be completely developed, according to the customer’s needs.


The design and development start from the analysis of the data followed by modeling CAD, BOM (billing of material), from testing and precise element calculations and the processing of the exploded 2D in constant collaboration with the customer to reach shared solutions.

Laboratory R&D

From 2002 ATR Group has formed an internal laboratory that deals with:

  • Development of new technologies,
  • Testing,
  • Material Qualification,
  • Research and Application of new materials.

The R&D laboratory was originated from the strategic conviction that the real competitive advantage for a company that operates in a dynamic and fast growing as the one of the composite materials, is to be technically ahead of its proper competitors.

In fact, the equipments present today in the lab make the structure autonomous in theimplementation and testing of new productive technologies.

The research of the R&D laboratory is applied to the production and consists on two levels:

  • Process development (new productive technologies)
  • Product development (new materials) both having a common origin the innovation in the respect of quality assurance.

The ATR Group’s R&D laboratory quality management system offers also crucial support needed to carry out controls for incoming raw materials, and controlling the process and quality of final products.


ATR Group has an internal department that designs and manufactures molds and accessory equipments for the production of components in composite material.

The unique and essential support of the tools section in the group allows to design and realize patterns and molds for the production with times and methods in accordance with the customer’s requirements; and therefore, each project full autonomy and reliability are guaranteed.

The Tools section makes use of numerical control machines 3 and 6 axes for the machining of aluminum and ureol also for clients interested only in this type of activity.


ATR Group takes care of the interior manufacturing process of prototypes to the mass production with high productive rate.

The group can offer a production capacity able to meet the most wide-ranging requests with an ability to manage orders ranging from limited runs up to the mass production of components in composite materials maintaining high quality standards.

Flexibility and high experience of the operators allow the group to follow each project with implementation of a plybook and traceability of raw materials used in accordance with thecertification EN 9100:2009.

Innovations & Awards

Innovation enables ATR R&D to accept and overcome competitive challenges.

The will to adopt new ideas early, guide our research. The method we adopt is engaging, stimulating and feeds our creativity (brainstorming).

We believe in technology development: we work together on product innovation and the process of designing a structured, multidisciplinary approach.
In R&D innovation is achieved through the integration of multiple technologies: automation of the process, they are manageable, allowing operators to act safely and makes each piece of our products’ latest discovery.

We will continue to look to the future with responsiveness, to play the role of leader in the field of composite materials. Propose innovative solutions to applied research, we will send you our passion… but still retain the uniqueness of “craft”.

Implementable ideas are subjected to stringent test of the market-oriented processes are the most reliable.
Our latest success I.T.A.C. was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA 2003).