atrgroup aerospace

ATR Group is – since 1982 – supplier of the most important companies operating in the automotive field and realizes components in advanced and innovative composite materials such as vegetable fibers  e.g. linen or basalt fibers for mass production, for motorsport and for luxury cars (Supercar).

ATR Group is able to manage programs, right from the initial design stages, in close synergy with its customers, and is able to produce both structural and highly aesthetic components, ensuring high quality processes both for the series and for the productions high-end with industrial processes in autoclave and “out of autoclave”.

Weight reduction is the new “focus” of the automotive industry. The lower weight improves performance, reduces fuel consumption and polluting emissions.

The lower weight also makes it possible to design and implement Hybrid and electric cars with ever greater driving range.

ATR has been active in the “light car” sector since the 1990s with the development of the SLC K300 car.