Leonardo: the weight of the wind

Many obstacles can be overcome by the forces of labor, innovation, technology.
Leonardo was born to challenge friction and resistance; the obstacles of speed.
Leonardo is designed to overcome many obstacles but one:

the weight of the wind.

Years of experience and collaboration with industry leading cycling makers have brought the vision of future cycling to life. Carbon fiber features allow for a design that is light and agile, while at the same time providing uncompromised strength and integrity to the cycle frame.
On the monocoque frame, carbon fiber continuously runs throughout the structure. Nothing is glued. Everything is integrated. The exclusive materials used can guarantee security with total absence of weak points. All while providing time an incredibly light structure.

Technical Specifications

Color: Carbon look with clear gloss/matt or customized on request.
Frame: Monocoque Leonardo /Steering 1,5″1 1/8“, internal rear brake cable passage wizard,BB30 central movement
Sizes: S M / L – XL
Fork: Full carbon