R1 Monaco

The model R1 Monaco is a kart that creates a real “split” with the past… R1 Monaco is an innovative product (all made in Italy) for the market, innovating radically the motor, frame and aerodynamic and enlarging the concept of the kart as we are used to.
Its chassis is made of carbon fiber and is characterized by the ground effect, as well as the body which’s decomposable with the front spoiler and the rear wing, both adjustable.

Some technical data of R1 Monaco

The Frame is made of carbon fiber with ground effect, body decomposable, 2 stroke engine 50 hp, liquid-cooled, centrifugal clutch, electric start, sequential shift 6-speed wheel, caster and camber adjustable brake system with ventilated brake discs Duralcan, telemetry system for data acquisition, GPS, tire 6 “, kart security with the chassis, body, supporting seat, front /rear bumper, aerodynamic frame, bodywork, front spoiler, rear wing.

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